We make Salesforce.

Penguin Storm is a different kind of consulting company. We're focused on delivering a solid, well built long term solution so you can scale your business. We feel strongly that your long term success is the most important goal—and that ours goes hand in hand with yours.

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We've Managed Salesforce for the Long Term

We've worked inside companies, not just as consultants. Over the years we've built, fixed and managed Salesforce inside more growing companies than you can probably guess. We're not just consultants who fly in, set things up and disappear. We know what it's like to have ot live with the solution, we sit beside the people who use it, and we know what it takes to manage on an ongoing basis.

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What We Do

Salesforce Implementation

If you're starting out with Salesforce it's important to get off on the right foot. We'll work with your Marketing, Sales, Support and Operations teams to build a system that supports your business now, and one that can grow with you into the future as your business grows. Change is inevitable and we'll make sure you can keep up with it.

Evaluations & Recommendations

We'll take a look under the hood of your current Salesforce system and provide specific recommendations for areas to focus on for improvements. We'll offer guidance on how to get more value out of what you've got and the key areas to focus on as you move your business forward.

Reporting & Analytics

Confidence comes from knowing what's happening in your business on a day to day basis. Properly built reports and dashboards are the key to understanding not just where your business is but where it's going. We'll build key dashboards and make sure you have the tools you need to analyze them properly.

Training & Documentation

We can work with your staff to teach them not just how to use Salesforce but how to use it more effectively. We'll develop detailed documentation of your business processes including screenshots and clear, concise workflow diagrams. Training includes Salesforce Classic, Lightning and Mobile editions if needed.

Administrator Services

Hiring a full time Administrator can be expensive, and may not be necessary: just because you have a car doesn't mean you hire a full-time mechanic. We can work with you to get someone on site for as little as ten hours a week. As larger projects come along you can scale up to 20 or even 40 hours (including custom development) when you need it.

Custom Development

A little code goes a long way (if that code is well written, has adequate test coverage and plenty of comments.) Whether it's a complete Sales Automation system or a single Trigger all of those things are part of our commitment to you. No one wins if you can't understand what's happened with your custom development.

Scale Your Business. Easily.

Helping you grow is our goal. Like you, we're not looking for a short term success story--we're looking ahead to a future where your business has grown in a scalable way. An efficient and effective Sales, Support and Operations team are the keys to this growth. We'll work with you to build a system that helps create a culture of success inside your company.

Let's Get In Touch!

Every project starts with a great conversation, not a sales pitch. Give us a call and let's talk through your ideas and the challenges you're having getting what you want done. We hope we're part of the solution but even if we're not we have to have a great chat.